Ebola is a severe viral disease that is transmitted from wild animals to human then from human to human. Its outbreaks are commonly in West and Central Africa. It is spread from one person to the other by direct contact with an infected person. This contact will be through blood, body fluids, and broken skin. Ebola has no treatment yet, but it can be curbed and controlled at an early stage.

Below are the symptoms of the deadly Ebola virus infection

Symtoms Of Ebola Virus Infection (1)

High Fever

A newly infected person with Ebola may experience high body temperatures that may be a sign of an underlying problem. The temperature may be above 40 degrees which the body cannot cope with. The high temperatures lead to the infected person to be fragile.


A severe headache is a sign that one has infected with Ebola if you are in an Ebola prone environment. It starts slow and can be maintained by taking painkillers but over a short period it becomes very severe. It affects the functioning of the eyes and leads to poor concentration.


When one is exposed to the Ebola virus infection, he/she will suffer from vomiting after eating or drink food and water. It starts as abdominal pains as it progresses the patient cannot even be able to eat or drink.


Unexplained bleeding is experienced from parts of the body. This includes the ears, eyes, rectum, and gums and even from some bruised parts of the skin. The patient will be in pain when bleeding, and it is best advised to go to the nearest hospital.


A person who is newly infected with Ebola virus will start passing looser stools which are painful because of the abnormal contractions of the bowel movement. It becomes severe as the Ebola virus becomes stronger in the body and will start passing stool that has blood clots and water.

Lack of appetite and Muscle painSymtoms Of Ebola Virus Infection (2)

This occurs due to the various abnormal changes in the body, a person will not have the will and strength of eating. This leads to weakness of the body. All the joint of the body become very painful and may hinder walking or even movement of body parts.

The above are the symptoms of the Ebola virus infections and if one experience them when in Central and West Africa should seek medical attention immediately for treatment.